Laure is an architectural technologist, designer, and artist working within architecture, machine learning, infrastructure, and fashion. Her work has been exhibited at a variety of institutions and locations including the Venice and Seoul Architecture and Urban Design Biennales, Ars Electronica, A+D Museum, and Biosphere 2. 

Laure is a founding partner at Studio MMR and is faculty at UCLA AUD.

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Laure Michelon is an architectural technologist and designer with a focus in architecture, machine learning, climate engineering, and fashion. She investigates, explores and sometimes blurs the temporal and physical boundaries between humans, infrastructure, ecology, and technology through machine learning and algorithmic mutations. By speculating on the future of design and rethinking the current connection to energy production, waste, construction, automation, representation, and climate, she aims to influence the discourse of architectural design. Laure actively engages in the realm of automation and the integration of AI tools into urban planning and architectural design.

Laure’s work has been exhibited at the Venice and Seoul Architecture and Urban Design Biennales, Ars Electronica, A+D Museum, and Biosphere 2. She also takes on a curatorial role for the artistic collective SUPERCOLLIDER and the A+D Museum. She holds a post-professional Master of Science in Architectural Technologies from SCI-Arc and a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Columbia University. She serves as a faculty member at UCLA AUD and has been visiting professor at many institutions including Kent CAED, SCI-Arc, and AAVS.

With over a decade of professional experience, she commenced her career in engineering and sustainability, holding positions as an Energy Analyst, Project Manager, and CSR Team Lead at Glumac Tetra Tech. Later, she transitioned into the field of architecture, working as a Designer and Project Coordinator at the architectural firm Oyler Wu Collaborative, and Studio Kinch where she contributed to several urban design and architecture projects before co-founding Studio MMR with Galileo Morandi and M. Casey Rehm.

Currently Laure recently wrapped the We Are Here exhibition at A+D Museum and is working on projects from product to spatial and systems design as principal at Studio MMR and fashion database and LoRA training at UCLA AUD.

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